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On March 2, 2002, Lighthouse Church began their big building project--a complete renovation of the worship auditorium.  Everyone pitched in to help with the daunting task of demolishing the old room and recreating a new and modern facility to the glory of God.   Work was completed on April 27th, 2002 with a special dedication ceremony.  Here is the photographic record:

First the pews must go

And the ugly flourescent lights as well

A temporary worship center in the making

Looking different already

More pews to go

Steve Tolley wrestles with the monstrous pew

The first hole in ceiling -- We're committed now!

Elder Lance Rengel coordinates pew placement

Tom Farm hard at work

Hey, this stuff comes down pretty easy...not!

Darth Farm

A mess in the making

Michael giving encouragement to a weary ladder

What have we done?

Demolition is good therapy

Dumpster detail

The new stage takes shape

New plaster walls

And new air-conditioning....cool

What happens if I touch this wire?

Do not breath in the insulation

I'm feeling warmer already

Nothing like breathing in some more insulation

The lights are working...finally

Almost ready for the new ceiling

Giant robot delivers the drywall

These things are heavy

Professionals at work...Don't try this at home

Say goodbye to ugly old carpet

Maria gets plastered

Such a lonely job

Hey, hey, it looks like a ceiling

Hey, hey, it IS a ceiling!

Sanding, sanding, sanding, and more sanding

...and more sanding

Now we sweep

...and sweep far into the night

First coat of primer

Second coat of primer

Third coat of primer?

Something is crawling on my shoe

And now some color

Final paint...Don't it look good?

Ready for carpet

Some more professionals at work

The same professionals as before

Love that new carpet smell

Back go the pews



Last day of work

It is finished