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D-Day for Kids - Every Tuesday Night from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

D-Day stands for "Discipleship Day" at Lighthouse Church.   Jesus said "Go and make disciples of every nation" -- we at Lighthouse have taken that command to heart.  It is important for believers, even young children in the Lord, to grow in their faith, to be strengthened spiritually so that each boy and girl can live according to God's desires.

D-Day operates very much like an aircraft carrier.  A carrier is a large ship that provides a landing platform for planes to re-fuel.  The planes are then sent back out to carry out their mission.   Similarly, Christians need a place to land to re-fuel spiritually.  Through a combination of Bible devotions, fun activities and food, youth leader Sharon Bartmer invites the children of our church and surrounding neighborhood to land on the U.S.S. Lighthouse and find spiritual and physical refreshment with loving encouragement to carry out our mission as Christians in this world.


Click on the icon below to watch the D-Day Promotional Video: