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Mission Pentecost


In the Spring of 1999, Lighthouse Church launched       an ambitious campaign to contact 3000 homes with    the good news of Jesus Christ.  Part of the task to   recruit our members in that endeavor was a fun-filled  plan to enlist them as secret agents.  Each member   was given a code name and included in “special operation forces” to make contact with our neighbors     in the surrounding community. The plan was   designated Mission Pentecost, in reference to Acts chapter 2 when 3000 people came to faith.  As this evangelistic effort continued, Lighthouse Church produced a motion picture comedy, creating a      fictional account of Mission Pentecost agents but keeping clearly within the framework of the project's intent—to lovingly invite people to come to church.


The Plot: One of Mission Pentecost’s agents        has gone awry.  Agent Java has been spotted   beating someone over head with his Bible and    yelling and screaming at people to “get saved”           – a clear  violation of his training to be loving           and gracious.  A secret meeting of special         agents is held. Their mission: find Java,        apprehend him, and return him to headquarters        for re-training...



A good old fashioned Bible-beating

The mission takes the pursuing agents in a         heart-stopping chase, from 35,000 feet inside             a jet-liner  to a remote mission outpost in the   Antarctic to a space station in earth-orbit.  In             a climatic confrontation with a refrigerator and            a tranquilizer dart, agent Java is finally     apprehended. During his interrogation...


"Repent You Brood of Vipers!"

Retraining Camp


 Java refuses to amend his ways until the       ominous  Mr. Softy wields a menacing tape        player and forces Java to listen to 12 hours of     Barry  Manilow.  Seeing the error of his ways,       Java repents of his inappropriate behavior; and  through the guidance of Galatian Man, learns        how to be a loving Christian.  As a result, Java       has the great and joyful opportunity to lead    someone to faith in Christ.

Agent Amigo 3 with tranquilizer pen



MP agents caught off-guard



Space station takeover



Galatian Man contacts headquarters




Mission Pentecost is available on DVD.  If you would like a copy of this movie,                please contact us at 847-838-0616.