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Raiders of Noah's Ark


As has been the custom of all of Lighthouse Church films, previews of coming movies are included in our productions.  “Baptistman” was the latest film, but we didn’t have any new projects in the works by the time of its premiere.  So we made one up. 

Utilizing the famous Raiders of the Lost Ark theme we created Illinois Jones, a Harrison Ford-like action hero that comes to save Noah from some marauding thieves who steal a small lion from







the long procession of animals making their way into the ark.  Again, this is a mock preview and we have no plans to date to actually produce this movie.  But then again, that’s what we said when we made the mock preview called “Baptistman.”  Who knows what the future will hold.  But for the time being, enjoy this preview for what it is – a joke.


Thieves steal a lion from the ark


Noah is frustrated



Illinois Jones to the rescue


Thieves stopped in their tracks


"Feel the sting of my whip!"


Thieves undaunted


Illinois Jones prepares to run away