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Terror on the Peshtigo

This was the movie that started it all.  Lighthouse Pictures’ first production.  “Terror on the Peshtigo” is a mock documentary that highlights the events of our Lighthouse Church whitewater rafting outing on the Peshtigo River in upper Wisconsin in the summer of 1999.   The movie’s popularity sparked an increase in utilizing video productions to promote the ministries of Lighthouse Church. 


Having waived their rights to sue, Lighthouse church unloads their gear.




The blissfully unaware church members climb into their respective crafts.




Everything seems to be going fine



Uh oh, things are getting rough!



"It was a rush, I almost died!"






Whooshing and whooshing



"I couldn't see, it was unbelievable"



Watch that first step...It's a Doozie!


The full length video of "Terror on the Peshtigo" is available on The Lighthouse Video Collection DVD.  If you would like a copy, please contact us at 847-838-0616